Taking My YogAlign Practice On The Road.

By Renee’ Fulkerson

Once again, my regular YogAlign practice has proven invaluable in supporting my body during a two week non-stop action road trip with my husband Peter and 15-year-old son Joaquin.

Everyday life can create challenges in showing up for any regular exercise class. A road trip including, weather, camping, and ever-changing locations, has lead me to many insights.

  • My YogAlign practice is beneficial and feels good no matter where or when I practice.
  • My YogAlign practice can adapt to the weather (put more clothes on/ take more clothes off) simple.
  • I cannot be attached to an outcome in my YogAlign practice. (meaning time is of the essence). I may be able to carve out 20 minutes or 2 hours depending, on the day.
  • Prioritizing my YogAlign practice to meet my immediate physical and mental needs. (maybe only leg tuner/ arm turner or both) however, SIP breath is a must!
  • Some days my YogAlign practice in the physical sense is just not going to happen (and that is okay).

On the days my YogAlign practice did not and could not happen. I was able to fill in the gaps with breathing techniques, meditation, and mantra (singing/chanting) practice. All of the above mentioned could easily be practice while driving in a car, breaking down or setting up camp, sitting around the campfire, and cooking a meal.

Most days my, physical needs were met with a variety of physical activities while having proper posture and breath. My mental status felt more challenged with fewer hours of sleep than usual, long hours in a car as a passenger in a tight spot, and being with my husband and teenage son for two weeks straight. LOL

All in all, I love road trips, camping, and YogAlign and experimenting with putting all three together. I look forward to my next road trip adventures with a body I can trust, my beloved husband Peter and, our miracle son Joaquin.


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