Aloha and thank you for your interest in Inner Breath Yoga please feel free to connect with any questions you may have. Private classes, Bridal Showers and Corporate Groups are also available for more information please contact: / 909-747-4186

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Inner Breath Yoga Yogalign Kauai

YogAlign is Simply the Art of being in your Structure and Breath.
I invite you to start your YogAlign practice right where you are. Not with comparison of where you have been or tirelessly trying to perfect where you are going. Inner Breath Yoga ~ YogAlign focuses on the now, supporting our physical and mental health and wellness in order to create a sustainable body. A pain-free body with a positive mental outlook that allows us to keep enjoying the people, places and new adventures that keep us thriving in life. YogAlign students have demonstrated time and time again that they can become fit, toned, and energized while actually using less effort.This allows them to have more energy for what is most important in their lives. See you on the mat.

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Aloha Yogis and Yoginis, there is nothing more satisfying than taking that hike, going for a swim or playing an amazing round of golf with a body full of strength, energy and stamina. Wouldn’t you agree? I recently returned from a trip to the mainland and had that exact experience! I was able to fully enjoy all of my favorite outdoor activities such as rockclimbing, hiking up to seven miles (with elevation gain) and dancing the night away at an outdoor yoga festival. I know for a fact my regular YogAlign practice has allowed me to continue to live a full life participating in all the activities I enjoy. I invite you imagine the possibilities in a body you cant trust.