Inner Breath Yoga YogAlign Kauai

Kaua’i Drop-in YogAlign classes

Anaina Hou Community Park Classroom

Sundays 10:00 Am – 11:00 Am

Investment $15

Mats and blocks provided

Please bring a towel and water

5-2723 Kuhio Highway

Kilauea, HI 96752

Cancellation Policy: Hanalei Bridge Closure will result in YogAlign Class cancellation. Hanalei River Gauge Level
Private classes, Bridal Showers and Corporate Groups are also available for more information please contact: / 909-747-4186

36457818_2014121348606285_6085521449257271296_oThe floors in our YogAlign space are made of concrete please feel free to bring an extra yoga mat, towel or small pillow for your personal comfort.

Anaina Hou Community Park is located in Kilauea on the beautiful North Shore of Kauai

5-2723 Kuhio Highway

Kilauea, HI 96754



All levels and abilities are welcome to join in and learn this unique YogAlign self-care program. Please wear comfortable clothing you can move in, water, bring your yoga mat and an open mind to learn something new.

What to Expect:

~Breathing from the diaphragm with Core SIP Breath technique and psoas muscle activation

~Supporting natural spine alignment and re-setting the tension in the body

~Creating space in the body by freeing up the fascia with self massage

~Putting it all together moving through the postures and being in the moment

~Stillness (savasana) a time to feel the effects of your practice

~Use of props yoga blocks, blankets, yoga straps (please feel free to bring your own

~Class sizes are small, held indoors in a non-competitive atmosphere and are one hour long.

Benefits of Good Posture  

~Improves and allows for more efficient breathing

~Eliminates/ reduces risks of back and neck pain

~Improves concentration and mental performance

~Feel better, improves mood and boost’s energy levels

~Reduces risk of injury (present and future)

~Lifts confidence with improved bodily alignment

~Showing up to YogAlign practice will allow you the time and space to get to know and support your bodies authentic needs.


Benefits of Efficient and Effective Breathing

~Improves posture

~Relaxes the mind/body and brings clarity

~Relieves pain

~Strengthens immune system

~Increase digestion and assimilation of food

~Strengthens lungs

~Boost energy levels and improves stamina

In studio working with an avid golfer with (internally rotated knees) By simply placing a yoga block between her internally rotated knees she can re-train her knees to realign with her hips to improve her posture as well as golf game.
Private session working with a runner training for a marathon with (externally rotated knees and tucked pelvis) By bending into the knees he can untuck his pelvis, engage his gluteal muscles and release his IT band. Squeezing a yoga block between the inner thighs re-trains his ankle, knee and hip alignment resulting in a more efficient and effective Stride.