Theyoke A Hub For Yoga Folks To Unite, Serve And Sustain.

Heart of Sound 2017 (20)

Aloha Beautiful Beings I am sharing in support of Sister Goddess LauraLynn Jansen please read and add your input she would love to hear your voice!

Dear Ones of the Heart,

I need your assistance. Over four years ago when I created the non-profit, theyoke, my vision was to assist folks in the Yoga world, especially professionals. I am grateful to say we have been able to offer everything from start-up programming information to mentorship for folks working in the Yoga field. To keep our mission fresh we need to keep a pulse on what is needed. theyoke has created a survey to tap into how Yoga folks are feeling, needing, and observing in the current Yoga movement.

YOUR INPUT is so valuable to me/the organization as I continue to create and steer the programming. Would you be willing to take a few moments and share your thoughts? The link can be found here (upper right corner) look for the aum

Thank you for taking time out of your busy day to be of assistance. And please feel free to share with friends, colleagues, and others! The more information we get together the more ways we can use it.

Big Thanks!

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