Do You Trust Your Body?

By Renee’ Fulkerson

Do you trust your body?

(Trust) a firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something.

I asked myself this question when my husband and I began discussing a two-week spontaneous trip to Japan. Travel for us has always been more like an adventure race than a vacation. This trip focused on spring snowboarding at several ski resorts. And I knew this would mean not stop action.

Prepping for a trip always means getting a house/pet sitter for my two kitty girls. When I reached out to my girlfriend to house/pet sit, she said what are you doing physically to get ready for the trip? That comment took me by surprise. And I felt confident to say nothing but my usual physical activities. And then I thought, is that enough? And I am happy to report it was enough.

When I met my now husband in my early twenties, a spontaneous trip relied on adrenaline. I knew my youthful body, full of energy, could get me through a fast and furious trip. And recovery time would be minimal, if any. Now I am fifty-three, and youth is not on my side. But that does not stop me.

Teaching yoga and offering manual therapies, I see firsthand the limitations people face with their bodies. Some of it self inflicted, and some situations are out of our control. There is freedom in saying I trust my body! So how do we get there? How I keep my body sustainable my top three:


While walking, I can focus on creating proper posture habits. Good posture means everything when carrying my day pack or something heavier (like a snowboard). During my walk, I can also focus on proper breathing techniques. Full inhales and exhales allow my diaphragm to expand and contract. With efficient breathing, my upper body stays buoyant and lifted. And my feet, knees, and low back thank me. Walking reduces strain on my hips, knee, or ankle joints versus high-intensity workouts. And the best thing about walking is the more I do it, the more energy I have.

  • a cardiovascular physical activity
  • improves blood flow
  • lowers blood pressure
  • increases energy levels
  • low-impact workout


I bike inside on a trainer every other day 45min to an hour. Some days I feel more inspired than others. Biking is another opportunity to create proper posture and breathing habits. Strengthening my legs and lower body muscles will keep knee pain from sneaking up on me. Building endurance helps any activity be more enjoyable, like long days of snowboarding.

  • easy on your joints
  • burns calories
  • builds endurance
  • strengthens legs and lower body
  • improve cardiovascular health


My YogAlign practice keeps me in alignment. Good posture creates comfort in my body with no spinal compression on my low back. Without thinking, I move gracefully and with ease from the core center of my body. Showing up for my YogAlign practice allows me the time and space to get to know and support my body’s needs. I always look forward to creating space in my body.

  • functional breathing
  • strengthens posture muscles
  • builds strong core muscles
  • improves stability, balance & coordination
  • supports real-life movement

Along with the top three I also hike and swim in the ocean regularly to keep fit and healthy. Exercise is not always easy for me. But trusting my body is a freedom I am not giving up. I seek out activities I enjoy and not things I dread. I have been snowboarding with my husband since we were 23 years old (30 years now). And we look forward to many more years. 

Side note: the hot mineral Onsens every night and sake certainly helped. haha

Do you trust your body?