Advice From A Doctor Advice From A Yoga Teacher.

By Renee’ Fulkerson

In my opinion, I feel there is value in having both, and I find in many ways their advice can and does go hand and hand. I thankfully have not had many reasons to visit the doctor except for mainly routine visits but, I know that is not always the case for everybody. There are also those times when we should go to the doctor but never do. That goes for yoga practice as well.

I have found my YogAlign practice has cured all that ails me. My YogAlign practice has had a domino effect on me. When I feel good physically, I feel good mentally. And I have a positive outlook on life. When I feel happy, I then naturally look at my food choices and daily habits. And lean towards what is best for me. Isn’t that usually what the doctor/yoga teacher would suggest and hope for

As many of you know or may not know my, soon-to-be sixteen-year-old son has some postural challenges. His postural challenges have led us on a journey we are still currently on. That has us as a family speaking with many doctors. I have noticed I have created this automatic habit of checking in with my Yoga Teacher, Michaelle Edwards after, every doctor appointment. I realize I value Michaelle’s verbal input, as equally as the doctors regarding my son’s postural challenges.

We tend to believe every word, thought, or idea that comes from our doctor’s mouth. And of course, there is good reason to, and many yoga students feel that way about their yoga teachers. Most of the time I’m, sure all goes well but, there are those many stories of circumstances that did not go well. I find comfort when talking with my son’s doctor and, having him spend time with Michaelle Edwards the creator of The YogAlign is priceless on so many levels.

It is not so much east meets west connection as both are judging, their recommendations on facts and outcomes and not on faith or opinion. Surgery or body braces is the doctor’s defense as long as the procedure would benefit the postural challenges. And the re-wiring of the brain from negative posture habits to positive posture habits with a committed YogAlign practice is my yoga teacher’s first defense. Both equally have the best of intentions and are there for my son’s best interest. But, we always feel empowered when we finish a YogAlign practice and not so much after a doctor’s appointment. My yoga teacher gives my son back the power to move and breathe in his body in a way that allows him to heal his own body. The idea of placing a body brace on and waiting for the body to benefit does not compute. My son opted for the YogAlign practice and, we have seen some shifts. We also continue to see his doctor and, his postural challenges have not progressed.

Inner Breath Yoga YogAlign Kauai Hawaii (1)

Just as I believe in finding a doctor you can trust, who is qualified, and you feel a connection too. I also think it is important to seek these qualifications and qualities in a yoga teacher. In the past, I have changed my doctor and yoga teacher. Because I felt I was not benefiting from their practice or my needs had changed. On the flip side of that, I know folks who have stayed with a doctor or yoga teacher that they were not happy with and were getting negative results (or even an injury from the latter mentioned). I believe in the medical community and the yoga community and feel we are uniting in ways we have not seen in the past. I find some doctors are getting away from only external fixes. By embracing the internal systems of the body. Such as diet, meditation, and our connection with nature. Some yoga teachers are getting away from selfies, glamour poses and teaching their students functional movement and proper posture habits. These are all positive signs of change and benefit us all for the greater good. Maybe next time you see your doctor or your yoga teacher, let them know how much you appreciate their contribution to your and others’ lives.



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