Two sweet cats that got left behind – need your help.

By Renee’ Fulkerson

Aloha, my name is Renee’ Fulkerson I, am reaching out to you asking you would you be willing to support two sweet cats that got left behind – White Kitty and Orange Kitty find their forever homes?

In April 2018, a series of thunderstorms produced record-breaking rainfall on our island home of Kauai. The heaviest rainfall occurred in northern Kauaʻi, where White Kitty, Orange Kitty, and I live. There, a rain gauge owned by the Waipā Foundation, just west of Hanalei, recorded 49.69 in (1,262 mm) of rainfall in the 24 hours between 12:45 p.m. on April 14 and 15.[nb 2] This was the heaviest 24-hour rainfall total on record in the United States. The heavy rainfall produced flash flooding and landslides that covered roads and washed away several vacant houses. The floods damaged or destroyed 532 homes.

Many animals, both large and small, lost their lives. In this case, these sweet innocent cats got left behind when their humans did not return.

I began feeding the two cats’ at their abandoned homes during and after the storm hoping their human would return. However, that did not happen. It is coming up in one year and, their loneliness is heartbreaking. I have already taken in two cats. I am unable to take in anymore due to my rental situation. These two sweet cats deserve a human and home to call their own and find the love they have lost.

I have reached out in many ways. A blessing that has come is through two animal welfare organizations here on Kauai –Kauai Community Cat Project and Kauai Animal Welfare Society.  KCCP is willing to transfer them to a no-kill shelter in Seattle, where they often get adopted within a week to their forever homes. The cost is $250 per cat totaling $500. That includes a rabies shot and a health certificate from a vet. And also the plane ride over. KAWS is willing to handle all flea, worm, possible dental and veterinarian visit cost for both cats. There are only so many homes for unwanted cats on an island. The reality for a forever home for these two is within reach.

The cost is $500 but, setting the goal at $600 will absorb some of the gofundme fees as I am not a non-profit. If less money is raised we will keep working towards our goal in other ways. If more money is raised it, will be given directly to Kauai Community Cat Project and Kauai Animal Welfare Society to fund more animals left behind in their forever homes. The priority is to get these sweet cats transferred and into their forever homes AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. They need your support their, quality of life depends on it.


The white female is friendly, very sweet, gentle and purr’s when you pet her. She is independent but will snuggle up to you, lick your hands and toes. She does well with other cats (I am not sure about dogs). She loves catnip kitty treats, plays with toys/string, and enjoys a good combing. All around happy girl and comes to the name white kitty.


The orange male is sweet, friendly, and is a talker meow, meow, meow. He purr’s when you pet him. He loves to cuddle while sitting on your lap (lick your hands and toes). He seeks out lots of attention and is good with other female cats. He can be shy and will hunker down or run away when approached by another male cat. He is a passive cat who could be an only cat but, I think he would enjoy a female cat buddy.

Much love, respect, and gratitude for taking the time to read, share and support this Journey towards a happy ending. These two sweet innocent cats have weathered the storm literally and will finally be able to heal with their new human in their forever home with your donation. 

Thank you for your support,

Renee’ Fulkerson

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